When it comes to capability and performance, the Ford F-150 is tough to match. If you’ve been shopping for a reliable pick-up that offers standard features and add-on options galore, a visit to Butler County Ford to check out the latest Ford F-150 line-up is definitely in order.

For many drivers, a truck’s capability is defined by its towing capacity, and this is one area in which the Ford F-150 really shines. You can expect to be able to pull loads of up to 14,000 pounds with the Ford F-150’s EcoBoost powertrain and advanced towing hardware on board. Opting for the cutting-edge hybrid powertrain only reduces the top-end towing capacity by 1300 pounds.

The Ford F-150’s payload-carrying capabilities are also impressive thanks to its lightweight construction and reinforced cargo bed. With proper loading and weight distribution, the Ford F-150 can carry more than 3,200 pounds without breaking a sweat.

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