The Awesome Handling of the Ford Mustang

Drivers want a vehicle that handles well. Control on the road means a lot to them. The Ford Mustang boasts of its handling capabilities. A closer look at how the popular sports car hits the road reveals how stable the handling is.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) lends a virtual hand to the driver. The EPAS component offers three different modes.

A driver can choose from comfort, sport, and normal, depending on at-the-moment preferences. Go with the one providing the appropriate and desired handling.

Ford didn't create a sports car loaded with bells and whistles while taking attention away from the basics. On a fundamental level, brakes contribute to safety and handling. The brakes on the Ford Mustang deliver the necessary stopping power to work in concert with a powerful engine reliably. And the engine does come with impressive horsepower.

Ford Mustang enthusiasts rave about how it rides. Come to Butler County Ford in Butler, PA for a test drive that shows you why the vehicle's fans rank it so high.

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