The Ford Escape Revs Up Convenience

In the world of compact SUVs, the Ford Escape ranks high among consumers. Multiple reasons exist why people love the Ford Escape. Performance and durability would be commonly mentioned. Convenience, however, suffers from being overlooked. Yet, the Ford Escape comes with a host of features that add to the convenience factor.

Don't take the rear-view camera for granted. The presence of this camera makes backing up a lot easier. Hopefully, backing up becomes safer since the driver can rely on the video monitor to avoid accidents and near misses.

The push-button start feature lets you rev up the engine without turning a key in the ignition. In order for this button to actually work, you must keep the Intelligent Access key on your person or nearby. Otherwise, the vehicle won't start. That's a good thing since a thief can't just hit the button and go.

You can go through Butler, PA on a test drive in the Ford Escape. Start the drive at our showroom at Butler County Ford.

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