The Brake Pads Serve as a Buffer for Your Brakes

Having a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle is important because this helps keep everything in good working order. However, even when you conduct checks on the fluid levels, belts and tires, you may overlook examining the brake pads. The brake pads serve to help protect the brake rotors during braking, and if the pads become too thin and worn, the rotors can become damaged.

Brake pads work by creating a buffer between the wheel brake rotors and the brake calipers, which squeeze the rotors when the brake pedal is depressed. The brake pads take the brunt of the friction and thus wear out fairly quickly. If the pads become too thin, then the friction from the calipers can make ridges in the rotors. This could compromise the braking process.

If it is time to check your brake pads, bring your vehicle in to our service center at Butler County Ford in Butler, PA, and we will check your vehicle's brake system. We can also provide any other service you may need.

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