Is Your Vehicle Driving Straight?

After hitting a bump in the road or even a pothole while driving through town, you might notice that your vehicle pulls to one side of the road or the other. This is often one of the signs that your vehicle needs an alignment. If your vehicle is not aligned, it can cause uneven tire wear as well as an increase in the gas consumption.

Examine your tires, especially the inside area. If you notice excessive wear and know that you haven't been in an accident or experienced any other issues, then your vehicle could be misaligned. Another sign of misalignment is an uneven steering wheel while you're driving. When you're driving in a straight line, you might see that the wheel isn't straight like it should be, indicative of an issue with the alignment.

If you notice any of these issues, the service center at Butler County Ford in Butler, PA can examine the vehicle to determine if it needs to be aligned. We can also check other issues with the tires and suspension so that you have a safe vehicle to drive.

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