The Ford Fusion Energi Performs

You get power and efficiency in the popular Fusion Energi. You have the option of choosing the 1.5L, the 2.0L or the 2.7L engine to ensure you get the power you need while providing fuel efficiency. The MacPherson suspension and stabilizer reduces audible road noise and vibrations. The engineering also makes cornering that much smoother. The electric power steering and drift compensating technology make sure the vehicle stays on track regardless of crosswinds or road issues.

The all-wheel drive engineering perfectly balances the torque and traction between all of the wheels, which makes handling easier and prevents slipping. The auto stop feature turns the engine off temporarily when waiting for traffic at stoplights in the city. The engine re-engages the minute you take your foot off the brake to continue your journey across town. Find out for yourself why the Fusion Energi is the ideal hybrid. Meet and drive an Energi at Butler County Ford today.

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