Are you looking for a new car? If you are, then you have probably heard of an infotainment system. It is important to our staff at Butler County Ford that we provide you with detailed information about the features that come equipped with your new vehicle, such as an infotainment system. Here is additional information about infotainment systems to help you understand all that they have to offer.

An infotainment system is a comprehensive system that offers drivers data, entertainment, and other services like navigation. There are many infotainment systems that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and they are also compatible with numerous apps that include The Weather Channel, Spotify, Pandora, and more. With an infotainment system, you may have access to 4G LTE or Bluetooth connectivity. Infotainment systems are not only useful, but they can also increase safety. When a driver uses an infotainment system, he or she is more likely to keep his or her eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

Please stop by our dealership in Butler, PA to take one of our models for a test drive and learn more about infotainment systems. Our staff is standing by ready to provide you with assistance.

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