Enjoy A New Driving Experience with The Ford EcoSport

The Ford Ecosport is set to take on the roads of America. Drivers should be prepared to have a unique experience in this exciting SUV. Vehicle enthusiast will love the aggressive style and handling.

The Ecosport is equipped with a two-liter engine and an intelligent 4 wheel drive sport suspension. There are partial leather seats that offer a unique type of comfort. The moon-roof allows for an added feature and compliments the partial leather front seats. The 6-way power adjustable draft seat is supported by a leather wrap steering wheel. There is also a push button start access or the driver.

The EcoSport is equipped with signature LED lighting and projector headlights. The lighting design gives the car a striking look on the roadways. The 8-inch touch screen provides the feeling of a smart phone while operating the vehicle.

Come in to Butler County Ford and spend the day test driving the new Ford Ecosport.

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