James Watt: The Man Behind Horsepower

If you have ever purchased a car, driven a car, watched a movie about cars, or been around someone who is enthusiastic about cars, chances are that you've heard the term horsepower. Many people - including vehicle enthusiasts - aren't aware of what horsepower actually stands for or where it originated from. Here at Butler County Ford, we find facts such as these interesting and like to share them with you. If you would like to learn more about horsepower check out the information below.

The term horsepower originated from a man by the name of James Watt in the 1800s. Originally a term designed to help sell steam engines, horsepower is still used today to help sell cars. James Watt determined that the average pony in a coal mine could produce 22,000 foot-pounds of work every 60 seconds. He increased this total by 50% and labeled the measurement horsepower. This helped him sell his steam engines while providing customers with an excellent representation of how powerful each engine was in regards to work horses.

Horsepower is a term still widely used today to signify the strength and power of motors within vehicles. Come to our Ford dealership in Butler, PA to examine the horsepower available for each of our new Ford models!

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