Did You Know That Every State Has Slow Down & Move Over Laws?

Every state in America has a set of laws called the Slow Down & Move over laws that are designed to help offer space and safety for law enforcement officers, roadside workers such as city repair or tow truck operators and other emergency services workers.

According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, 200 roadside workers are struck and killed by automobiles each year, and a poll conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Research showed that 71% of Americans were unaware of any such laws in effect in their states.

While many drivers will naturally slow down and give law enforcement officers or roadside workers more space, it is more than just a courtesy; it is the law. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, more than 150 law enforcement officers have been struck and killed by vehicles since 1997, when the laws first started to take shape.

All of us here at Butler County Ford want to help spread the knowledge of these laws to everyone. Drive safely!

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