Mufflers and Exhaust Systems Do More Than Quiet Your Car

When most people think of car exhaust, they think of the muffler and tailpipe working to quiet the engine. In fact, the exhaust system starts at the engine and works to reduce not only noise, but harmful chemicals

Getting It Together

It starts with the engine manifolds, which collect the exhaust. Sensors then analyze it before it passes through the catalytic converter, which reduces the toxicity of the chemicals. Then it heads to the muffler where the sound is, well, muffled. Finally, it heads out the tailpipe, behind and away from the car. When the system is working properly, your vehicle runs quieter, cleaner, smoother and more efficiently.

Sound and Smell

The two most obvious signs something is wrong with your exhaust are sounds and smells. If you hear louder engine noise or rattling when you accelerate, or smell car exhaust inside your car, you should have it looked at by experts in our service center here at Butler County Ford. We can help keep your car and the city of Butler cleaner and quieter.

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