3 Reasons to Crate Your Dog in the Car

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​We all love adorable pictures of dogs hanging their heads out car windows, their ears standing on end, jowls flopping. He's clearly having a great time. The image is so pervasive, many owners in Butler think it's cruel to restrict their dog's freedom with a car crate.

If you think of your pup as a member of the family, however, you'll want to secure them in the car for the same reasons you buckle up your kids.

  • Unsecured dogs become projectiles in a crash. Just like a human passenger without a seatbelt, they can be thrown through the windshield, or slam into other occupants, causing injuries.
  • Pets can cause distracted driving. Taking your eyes off the road to stop your dog from rooting through a bag of snacks can be just as dangerous as texting.
  • Crates keep the car clean. Nobody likes muddy paw-prints all over the seats of their new Ford Explorer, or drool all over the windows. Securing your dog not only keeps everyone safer, it saves you a lot of elbow-grease.
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